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Saturday, August 23, 2008

MySpace is Horrid and Annoying

Horrid because it's format is a complete mess. Annoying because of the continuous "friend request" spam which can only be avoided by making your profile private which makes it impossible for people you know but haven't talked to for a while to find you. Horrid and annoying.

Facebook is much better all around. The only oddity is this creepy new "Friends for Sale" bit that I have no recollection of joining. My "owner" is not a friend but a complete stranger who looks like he just sauntered off the cover of GQ magazine. I'm not comfortable with the concept of owning people however harmless or virtual it is. I'm even less comfortable with the idea that I'm owned by Captain Nightclub and that I'm "worth" a mere $600 and change. Captain Nightclub, who'd probably faint at the sight of a framing hammer and likely thinks DeWalt is Swedish for "the wall," is worth nearly half a million.

Twitter and "tweets" are both irritating words that shouldn't come across the lips of any person above age 4. However, Twitter's handy for jotting down concise thoughts or mini-posts. Though I enjoy reading those of others more than I do writing my own. Concision isn't exactly my strong suit. As is illustrated here in this post which was originally meant to convey how wretched MySpace is.


Anonymous said...

I thought everyone wanted to be spammed by fake friends on myspace? Good for self-esteem.

Mike said...

I'm not sure if I would say that facebook is much better all It used to be, but then they started allowing all these damn apps, which coincidentally enough started when they let everyone in instead of requiring a college email address. Now it's just a slightly less annoying more grown up looking (but not really) version of MySpace.

That Captain Nightclub/DeWalt riff is one of the more creative ways I've seen of attacking someone's manhood. Can't go wrong with power tools, and if you're talking about power tools you can't go wrong with DeWalt.

Jay@Soob said...

Hah. Yeah, perhaps a bit of an uncalled for attack on the chaps manhood, but hey I didn't ask for him to "buy" me.