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Saturday, August 23, 2008

North Korea's Super Noodle

No not a reference to that deflated sponge that sits in the middle of Kim Jong Il's oddly shaped gourd. Rather a noodle designed to stave off the starving masses by making them less hungry for a longer period of time. Their timing is well measured given that many North Koreans will soon (if they aren't already) be facing hunger.

North Korean scientists have developed a new kind of noodle that delays feelings of hunger, a Japan-based pro-Pyongyang newspaper has reported.

The noodles were made from corn and soybeans, the Choson Shinbo said.

They left people feeling fuller longer and represented a technological breakthrough, the newspaper said.

North Korea is dependent on foreign food aid. Last month the UN warned that residents were experiencing their worst food shortages in a decade.

But the communist country remains reluctant to allow experts to fully assess the scale of the problem or give them adequate access to deliver aid.