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Monday, March 24, 2008

Russian Anti-Semitism

I'm off to lands quite well known tomorrow and so my input here will be limited at best for the next week. I leave you with a sad but riveting account of a Russian movie entitled "Russia Stabbed in the Back" which is a collective of blatant anti-semitism that effectively blames "da Joos" for every misstep the "Empire that was" has made. Snoop of Simply Jews brought this to my attention and offers a lengthy coverage and smart analysis in three parts. A snippet (indeed its introduction) from the movie:

This is a film about the devastating Jewish dominance in modern Russia. The film is about a Jewish fascism and purposeful genocide of Russian people, about diabolical satanic cult of Talmudic Judaism, its terrible inhumane faith. Our film is about a Russian hope for a quick escape from the yoke of hateful enemy. It's about the traitors of the Russian people and about Russian heroes. About selfish collaborators and about people devoted to the Russian spirit and the Russian national liberation movement.

Snoop's coverage and commentary need no supplement here. Read, watch and tell me whether you don't envision elements of a dying culture lashing out
in a most pathetic fashion.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks for the plug, S, much appreciated.