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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Psychology of Choking

Ever wanted to know what your favorite sportsperson was thinking when they blundered a critical moment in their sporting career? The Frontal Cortex has a post on 'How to think under pressure' which explains some of the issues involved in 'choking'. A key quote:

" ... this is what happens when people "choke". The part of their brain that monitors their behavior starts to interfere with decisions that are normally made without thinking. They begin second guessing the skills that they've honed through years of diligent practice. The worst part about choking is that it tends to be a downward spiral. The failures build upon each other, so that a stressful situation is made even more stressful."


Dan tdaxp said...

Very Boydian -- paralyze an enemy by forcing him to dwell in Decision, instead of allowing him to jump from Orientation directly to Action.

G said...

hey dan, great comment, I didn't even think to make the connection between the article and the OODA loop.