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Monday, March 24, 2008

Updates to Cyber-Militia discussions

There have been a few responses from this ongoing discussion on ethics and cyber-militias.

First post is from Ymarsakar at Sake White.

One post, pointed out by Soob, is from Phil at Amicable Collisions which covers the topic from a legitimacy point of view (will post a response to his thoughtful blog entry sometime in the next day).

The other, pointed out by Cannoneer, is another Tanji post. This time Tanji asks the questions:

"For all the CIIDGs out there: assume our Uncle gets his act together WRT leveraging irregulars; what guidance would you like to receive/be willing to accept; what resources would you find useful/accept; what level of C2 would you be willing to accept?

Additionally, how do you define success?"

Cannoneer and Gerald respond to the questions in that post.

Addendum via Subadei: Thanks to Phil for engaging my invitation and Munz for posting the link.