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Friday, January 25, 2008

cDc versus CoS: proto 5gw versus 4gw?

Younghusband has a great post over on coming anarchy on an amorphous hacktivist group versus the mafia of the religious world - the church of scientology. Step right up to war between an anonymous network of cyberninja propagandists versus a world spanning ideological organisation who use lawfare.

I had mentioned on the post that the cult of the dead cow may have been involved. After briefly digging about I found a post on their forum may confirm my suspicions where one individual states: "A lot of us are already in on it. Turn up the Beck."


Update: Check out the wiki the anonymous swarm has created. A combo of hilarity and terms like insurgency and mental war. Reminds me of a post I wrote two years back on trickster based warfare. I quoted George P Hansen in the post. I might quote him again here: "The trickster is a character type found in mythology, folklore, and literature the world over; tricksters appear as animals, humans, and gods. They have a number of common characteristics, and some of their most salient qualities are disruption, unrestrained sexuality, disorder, and nonconformity to the establishment. They are typically male. Tricksters often deceive larger and more powerful beings who would thwart them; they may be endearingly clever or disgustingly stupid—both cultural heroes and selfish buffoons. Like much of mythology, their stories appear irrational and are difficult to decipher into logical coherence. They have often puzzled scholars."


Jay@Soob said...

Great post! One thing I can't discern is the motivation of either Anon or his followers beyond that of destroying the, erm, "fucktard" essence of Scientology. Seems juvenile and rather shallow. Lends some credence to the "bunch of 15 year olds with too much time on their hands" that YH reports.
Another is the irony that Anon seems to have gathered a following in much the same fashion as L. Ron Hubbard did. Both rely on a renegade/populist following with Hubbard utilizing Western society and Anon utilizing Hubbard.
Feb. 10th would seem to be a day that will define the Anon "resistance."

Jay@Soob said...

Followup: Hansen's trickster bit seems to fit quite well. I'm hard pressed to imagine this collective to be much of anything beyond what Hansen defines. Traditional resistance to religion generally entails a deeper political battle in the guise of religion (think James or Cromwell.)
Scientology hardly holds a popular sway in any nation, much less globally and so this bit of "revolt" seems to be one that's driven as much by want for attention as it is by the personal abhorrence to scientology the founding Anon exudes.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Thanks for the info on the Cult Of The Dead Cow, which led me to The Automated Prayer Project, where the computer is programmed to pray the rosary (at 9600 Baud).

And now I have to ask....Are you guys History Majors? Or Political Science? Ex-military Strategists who happen to be computer geeks? Role Playing Gamers who happen to know WAY too much background on world conquest scenarios?

Jay@Soob said...

Damn, Munz, he's on to us! Next he'll unveil our plans for global dominance! Quick, to the Soobmobile!

Munz and I are actually a pair of hyper-intelligent orangutans bred by a classified joint effort between US and Australian intelligence agencies. Our method is blogging but our madness would make Machiavelli blush, Napolean whimper and Caligula chuckle and mutter something along the lines of "Heh, rote amateurs. Now then, let's collect some sea shells!"

I'm kidding of course. We're actually a pair of giraffes languishing in the San Diego zoo and we've got incredibly nimble hooves and extremely tall tables on which our laptops sit.

Sorry, I'll sum it up for real.

1a)Hahahaha. Wheeeee! FunTime!!
2)Community College.
3)Local Business College
4)Study abroad (Asian Studies major)
5)Unrelated but decent paying work
9)Present Day
11)Decide between IR and Middle Eastern Studies.
12)Global Conquest
13)Marriage to Jessica Alba
15)Marriage to Penelope Cruz
17)Ferrari Enzo
And so on.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Ah, so that explains it.
I knew there was some diverse education in there.
You don't happen to have Jessica's phone number, do you? I mean, if you're through with her....

G said...

Subadei, I reckon the motivation comes from the cult of the dead cow. Which is why I thought it might be a little proto-5gw. The cDc declared war on them during the mid 90's because scientology was against a lot of their own values (things like free speech on the net) and have since then fought them on a technical hacking level and media level, you don't hear much about it, apart from their own forums or areas like slashdot etc. where scientology stories pop up. So it would fit their current MO.

Now take a nascent supergroup of juveniles (a'la Mao), who already have bad intentions, and then guide their actions into attacking their enemy, and the cDc would have a tool to attack their enemy whilst hiding amongst the fishes.

Juvenile as they are, we'll have to watch their actions, and see if they have any effect.

Re: resistance to religion and their own personal attention gaining skills. Great comment. Perhaps it's the first MTV-generation war? haha "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME.

Whited Supulchre, LOL. Jay, sums it up (or am I really a giraffe ...)

G said...

I've been reading their official "strategy" on their wiki. Whilst it comes across as juvenile by mimicking forums raids in the real world, the concepts they are talking about are very sophisticated, and very much open source type warfare, these guys are planning long term infiltrations of the church, psyops and all sorts of shit beyond the capabilities of 14yr olds.

Jay@Soob said...

Update. Project Chanology on their wiki appears to have been hacked as:

"Über alles in der Welt, Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze Brüderlich zusammenhält, Von der Maas bis an die Memel, Von der Etsch bis an den Belt - |: Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,"

appears ad nauseum.

You're right Munz, I dove deeper and this goes beyond simple rhetoric and the occasional prank. They've got their own sub-wiki for "cyber-tactical" designs. 49 articles under the heading "Tools."
Intriguing and worth watching.

Younghusband said...

I'm still waiting for Soob to post J-Alba's tel#...

Jay@Soob said...

I haven't even married her yet! You two vultures are going to have to wait until after the divorce for the much coveted digits.