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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Last Saturday I highlighted a poll via Foreign Policy Watch that illustrated the erosion of popular support for Gaza's kingpins, Hamas. This week we witness the destruction of the border fence (by Hamas) between Egypt and Gaza and a flood of relief as Gazan's streamed to and fro, stocking up on everything from cigarettes to food. The initial response from Egypt was, simplified, get your stuff and then get gone.

It would appear that President Mubarak's initial apparent benevolence has led to virtual discord as Egypt's military is stepping in to stem the flow from Gaza.

Egyptian riot police and armored vehicles blocked Gaza cars from entering Egypt on Saturday, a day after Hamas operatives using bulldozers had widened a border breach to make it easier for vehicles to cross.

Dozens of riot police formed human chains, blocking two passages through the breached border used by cars, and several Egyptian armored vehicles took up positions to back up the troops. Two more armored vehicles blocked roads in the Egyptian border town of Rafah.

The deployment marked the second attempt by Egypt in two days to regain control over the border, which was breached Wednesday when Hamas blew down the border wall, allowing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to flood into Egypt.

No doubt this bit of strategy by Hamas will serve a temporary respite from popular discord. To think, the Robin Hood like mystique of Hamas was nearly gone only to resurge...