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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Marketing the Military in the 21st Century

A look at how different countries market their armed forces:

The United States: From "Be All That You Can Be" to "Army of One" and now "Army Strong." Of all the Army commercials I've seen this one's by far the best. A blend of patriotism (some will see jingoism,) and elitism (there's strong and then there's Army Strong) that manages to incite both the inner self worth (I've Got What it Takes...) and the ever important "cohesion" element (...And So I'll Fit Well With the Excellence of the Army) that the "Army of One" seemed to have missed.

Australia's endeavor his very heavy on the kinetic aspects of service. The approach seems to appeal specifically to a young, male demographic. The concentration seems to center around the "excitement" of soldiering.

The Czech Republic's effort runs a close second in terms of "getcha" quality. Given the CR's rather recent shift away from conscription (2005) such attention to marketing is unsurprising. The culmination at the end is especially impressive.

Canada's approach is entirely different, with the concentration on humanitarian relief and peacekeeping. A bit similar to America's National Guard adverts.

New Zealand takes a more utilitarian approach as they present a tactical quandary and ask "what would you do?" The focus here seems to be on decision making and leadership.

I saw the barrel of a rifle sticking up over her shoulder. I'd keep driving.

To any Vet's out there, what do you think. What made you join your respective countries service? How do you view this latest generation of recruiting efforts?

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G said...

Cool post.

I think myself and a number of my mates joined because of the perceived excitement. A lot of us wanted to blow stuff up and jump out of planes. Then came the monotony of sitting in a bay and doing non-technical inspections of kit day after day. So hitting the piss and being with your mates became a priority, and the initial reasons took a backseat.

I think the recruitment strategy works well given the league and afl obsessed state of the nation from small tykes to adults. They would see the same high energy, team driven excitement.

Jay@Soob said...

Thanks Munz. This things got plenty of hits but no opinions. C'mon, men, what's your take?