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Friday, August 24, 2007


I've found that the benefit of completely frying a hard drive (and not possessing a backup) is being able to start over with a clean slate and return to the zippy speed my computer possessed back when I clicked the power button for the first time and listened to the cooling fans whir to life.

The negative aspect, of course, is the loss of vast amounts of information. Everything from prospective blog posts to brief adventures in fiction to the extensive bookmarks (which I utilized incessantly) I possessed; all gone, locked up in the mysterious confines of a wondrous but shattered piece of technology. Of course Soob's extensive "Wisdom" allowed me some solace in rebuilding and staved off the painful process of either using technorati or google to regain the blogosphere as I know it.

Amazing how reliant we become on the framework of information that we ourselves build in cyberspace, isn't it?


Sean Meade said...

hey subadei, wise ancient generals back up their data because, you know, it's not data 'til it's backed up ;-)

external HDs are *real* reasonable nowadays...

Jay@Soob said...

thanks, Meade, for hammering home my technological naivety! ;-)

Really though, I'd simply put off backing up my system thinking a hard drive would have more than a two year life span.

If you've got the time, wizened sage, I'd like to present yet another bump in the road that is personal computing.

I've been trying, in vain, to expand my pc's RAM to it's full potential (1gig) and have thus far failed miserably. The Presario 2500 should be compatible with pc2700 and/or pc3200 RAM. So I trundled off to my local Best Buy and snagged a 512 MB slice of RAM that was, according to the packaging, entailed both pc2700 and pc2100 compatability.

All for naught as the machine doesn't recognize the RAM in any configuration (even sans existing RAM the new bought RAM failed and the computer wouldn't boot up.)

Assuming this particular wedge of memory was broken I returned to BB and swapped it for a similar (same parameters different brand) piece only to fail again.

My conclusion (and here's where I'd like your reflection) is that RAM compatible with pc2700 and pc3200 will do the trick. That the online sources are simply wrong and that the Presario demands a higher bus speed. Any advice?

Ymarsakar said...

I use 3 USB external hard drives. 300 gig, 160 gig, and 80gig.

Notebook and other hard drives in such sizes, have some pretty high precision requirements. Heat warping could cause catastrophic malfunction, and in fact my HP laptop HD was acting the same way... until I tipped the laptop up by 10 degrees underneath the touchpad.

It is either some kind of percentage defect in manufacturing or it is just the fact that building hard drives that small causes more failure problems down the road given the current science in materials.

Which computer in the list are you refering to, Soob?