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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spain's Olympic Boobs

After Spain's Olympic Basketball Team affected "chink eyes" there ensued a very competitive armpit farting contest. Not sure which of the planets largest and fittest 8 year olds won that battle.

Not the "affectionate" gesture they'd thought it to be. Oops.


Anonymous said...

Sportsmanlike conduct. Let us all follow in example.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I like the new look. (of your site. Not the spanish basketball team.)

Anonymous said...

Great new look for the blog.

The destruction of the Spanish team by the US Redeem Team was twice as enjoyable b/c of this nonsense.

Btw, there's a 7'2" Iranian star who can't play in the US thanks to everyone's favorite whipping boy, the US State Dept.

Jay@Soob said...

glenn, indeed.

Allen, thanks.

Eddie, thanks and I'd read of that and thought it might be post worthy. Though this guy isn't Yao Ming material (from what I read scouts were bit cool regarding his potential) an Iranian NBA player would bring some America into Iran, a positive bit to clash with Iranian conservative's "Great Satan" nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Hell, US players play in Iran already so why not an Iranian player here. Shoot, I'll trade Stephon Marbury for 5 of them today!

ortho said...

Jay, I dig your re-design. It's smooth!

I also dig your captioning abilities. The caption in this post led to water shooting out of my nose. Damn you!

Jay@Soob said...

Lol. Thanks! Better water than soda I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Great news about the Iranian player!