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Monday, August 18, 2008

Pervez Musharraf Resigns

He'd been saying as much for a while now. But now the deed is done. Many will raise their fists and claim a win for democracy. Perhaps. But our efforts in Afghanistan are likely to suffer with Musharraf out of the picture. The new regime will likely be much more fickle and inclined to increase making "deals" with Taliban elements in order to keep the peace at home. Even if these deals are short term relief that promise long term problems.

So long Pervez Musharraf. Better get your fanny off to Europe before Sharif and co. come knocking.


Jeff Wills said...

I think your right Soob. Musharraf, while not always ideal, was at least an ally we could reasonably depend on. Now, of course, we're left with a democratic government that will probably, at best, halfheartedly go after UBL and the Taliban, if at all. We need to be ready to take unilateral action. That is what it comes down to.