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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ann Coulter: Noisy and Tedious

I certainly applaud her ability to turn vitriol into cash but her methods have grown dull and predictable. Write a book, say something that anyone not enamored by either her proud "real" conservatism or "good looks" (When it comes to conservative looker's I'll give either Laura Ingram or Michelle Malkin the nod. Ann? Ah, not so much,) finds revolting, bathe in the outrage and rake in the cash.

Her latest endeavor is to vilify John McCain as a "liberal" in elephant's clothing, citing his history of not trudging lockstep within the narrow confines that apparently define "true" conservatism. Her methods contain the usual sadistic nature as she's recently promised to campaign for Hillary Clinton (a promise that likely horrified the Senator) in the (very likely) event that John McCain wins the Republican nomination. More recent comments scrape the greazy silt off the bottom of the intellectual barrel:

Coulter compared a potential alliance between disillusioned conservative Republicans and Sen. Hillary Clinton to the alliance between Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin during World War II, which was formed to defeat Hitler.

"I'm not comparing McCain to Hitler," she added. "Hitler had a coherent tax policy."

The remark received wild applause from the audience of about 500 conservative activists. Many in the crowd seemed hostile to the idea of a McCain presidency and cheered Coulter's attacks on the Arizona senator.

Coulter also criticized McCain for his sponsorship of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill, accused him of wanting amnesty for illegal immigrants, and mocked his frequent touting of his military service in Vietnam.

"Couldn't we pick a POW who doesn't want to shut down Guantanamo?" she said.

Coulter even attacked McCain's age, quipping that he had been in the Senate since the Spanish-American War and wondered if his age had influenced some of his more moderate positions.

"At John McCain's age, he's looking for posterity," she said. "He's worried about his New York Times obituary."

Certainly the status of War Hero doesn't elevate a potential presidential candidate above scrutiny and criticism. But isn't a sliver of respect due? Nah. Not in Ann's world where thinking inside the tiniest box is the rule and smear is both the method of ideological enforcement and the source of her chuckle as she follows her knobby knees to the bank.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah - somebody needs to wash her mouth with soap for sure...