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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Blood

Not to be confused with "First Blood" which begot the infamous Rambo series.

The best aspects of blogging for me are three fold. I've learned an incredible amount, I've extended my correspondence internationally, and I've connected to some rather impressive people.

These attributes came together just a week or so ago. I'd tossed the idea back and forth for a while, my uncertainty less about the individual and more about the future of Soob in light of other rather pressing elements. In the end not only did I decide Soob should continue but that I'd invite an excellent fellow to enrich what has been an already outstanding experience for me.

I've maintained an email correspondence with this guy for some time and have enjoyed his deep, multifaceted intellect, razor sharp wit and disarming sense of humor for quite a time now. I tossed him an email and extended an invitation and, amazingly, he accepted. Welcome, Munzenberg.


deichmans said...

Welcome, M├╝nzenberg! I suspect you will be "Batu Son of Jochi" to Jay's "Subutai". :-)

Jay@Soob said...

Be wary, Europe. Now if I could get ten men to help me unto my horse...

Actually Munz fits the model of Jebe even better.

Jay@Soob said...

An addition.

This weeks is a busy one for Munzenberg as it finds him in Finland wrestling elephant seals for charity (not sure which, but a worthy one no doubt.) As such Munz' initial post will be delayed.

G said...

Thanks for the welcome chaps.

I found time from wrestling blubber to post a post.