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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Deja Vu in Malibu

AP photo

I've been to Malibu. Indeed a very pretty place. But the irony that some of the most expensive real estate on the planet is also annually prone to quick destruction by fire hasn't escaped me.

2500 sq. ft. $2.2 million. Interested? Go here.
I suppose if you've got it then by all means spend it. However, should tomorrow I happen upon a sudden and massive heap of cash Malibu, for all it's canyon vista's and Pacific sunsets, won't be on my real estate list.


Anonymous said...

Ever listen to Bad Religion? There's one song of theirs I really like called "Los Angeles is Burning." As a longtime CA resident, I think it's the definitive LA song. I saw them play live at the Palladium and was almost beaten sideways by a group of skinheads, lol.

Jay@Soob said...

Glad you escaped to live another day! What part of LA do you live in? My brief stay there was in Granada Hills.

Anonymous said...

The part with all of the palm trees and beautiful women (aka the stereotype california)--the Westside. I've never been to Granada Hills, though.

As for the escape, it was all just an application of Bill Lind's de-escalation model.

Jay@Soob said...

"I've never been to Granada Hills, though."

Imagine Simi Valley but with hilly terrain. Remember the movie Edward Scissor Hands? Similar but all the lawns looked the same.

"As for the escape, it was all just an application of Bill Lind's de-escalation model."

Must've been some fast talking! Too bad the entire world doesn't think along the same wavelength. Any personal conflict could entail one person saying to the other, "Look, we can de-escalate or I can go Hama on your ass."