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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Suggested Wisdom III

Kent's Imperative on open sourced intelligence:

"To our eyes, however, much of the current discussion surrounding open source intelligence is like a drowning man flailing for a life raft."

Adrian takes a look at the good, bad and ugly of Rudy Giuliani's foreign policy:

"Essentially Giuliani's conception is diplomacy is one of imperial diktat. Which is to say, it is exactly the same as Bush's vision of diplomacy his first 6 years in office (there are signs his stance on diplomacy is changing) and it will fail."

New Yorker in DC takes a look at the British withdrawal from Iraq and how it reflects a possible US withdrawal:

"Once we leave, what happens to those Iraqis who worked with the coalition as a means of helping their own country? For all intents and purposes, they are seen by other Iraqis, particularly those belonging to militias and insurgent groups as collaborators and traitors to the Iraqi state, and their respective religious/tribal grouping. Once we leave, they are as good as dead."

Mike Flagg of Future Jacked has released an intriguing looking manifesto on the future:

"Catastrophic Abundance is a guidebook - a preview to many future possibilities in store for the world. More than that - it gives you a methodology to build your own map of these future possibilities."

Good stuff.


Ymarsakar said...

In response to the bit from Adrian, I have one link and one person to recommend.


Grim Beorn.

The article in question does not speak about Rudy, though I think there are some premises behind Adrian's arguments that are countered by Grim's piece.

I may get into a specific counter-argument later.

Adrian said...

Thanks for the link!

ymarsakar, I'll check out the Blackfive post while at work (I mean ... while on lunch break of course).

Jay@Soob said...

Excellent. Looking forward to more discourse on this divisive subject.