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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Spottty Blogging Ahead

My not so trusty steed, the Compaq Presario, has suffered a catastrophic malfunction. It froze up and upon reboot sat, blinked a little dash at me and did not even slightly make any attempt to boot up Windows. I tried to restore it's factory settings by way of the Restore cd's that came with it and came up short with a "write" error. From this I surmised that the hard drive was cooked and so replaced it. Once again I attempted to boot from the CD-ROM and restore the system. The computer, however, decided no such thing was going to occur and the whole process ends with it assuring me that there is, in fact, no operating system detected (you don't say?) and that error (some code) has occurred and that I should "check cable." Not sure which cable but apparently it's an exceedingly important one, so important that a mere mortal such as I am not to be privy to it's true identity and must be satisfied with the vague label "cable." Somewhere, deep in the belly of the Pentagon, there lies a folder with something very cloak and daggerish, something along the lines of "Eyes Only" let's say, printed on it's front. And inside said folder the true identity of the mysterious cable must lay.

I know little of the mysterious inner workings that entail a personal computer. I do know that the screws that hold the idiot thing together are painfully small and suspect very small people man the assembly line that craps these things out. And so it's off to the repair shop where some computer expert will explain, in grave and sage fashion, that the whisker-biscuit is fried and the gnoing-gnoing isn't flim flamming and nothing short of 500 portraits of Ben Franklin is going to make it otherwise.

Any advice is encouraged.


Younghusband said...

Obligatory Get a Mac comment.

My work here is done.

Ymarsakar said...

You replaced the hard drive how?

Usually the "write error" things that occur when you try to reinstall your OS on a fail to boot is due to the hard drive failing, as you surmised. However, there seems to be an additional problem that cropped up concerning the actual physical connection of your hard drive to the motherboard.

If you sent it to the repair shop to have the HD replaced, they might have damaged something.

Ymarsakar said...

Unable to boot can also be the result of bad RAM.

Steve said...

It could be a video card as well. Is it getting to a post, that is a beeping that accompanies the boot process?

Jay@Soob said...


Dead on. Allow me the following:

Confucius Say: "When Installing Hard Drive, Be Sure Hard Drive Pins Are Not Bent..."

Steve: No beeping and not the video card. It was, as I suspected, the demise of my HD. See above for further info.

Ah, The Mighty Mac! Indeed, Ive given this direction some considerable thought. I'm damn well convinced that my next PC will be a Mac despite the hefty price tag.