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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Futbol vs Football

Inspired by a friendly rivalry with friend Adrian this study of Futbol vs Football.

I'll let George Carlin define the latter in his own comparison of football vs baseball:

Next I'll provide some context for the constitutional demand that encompasses football:

And I'll close with the brilliant maneuvering that football entails:

Futbol what?!


Adrian said...

I'll post my rebuttal once I get home and can a) watch those youtube videos, and b) post my own youtube videos!

Pat said...

american football is good times, and barry sanders was quite talented.

but i prefer soccer. i find it more dramatic. plus any sport where they end up talking an awful lot about "clock management" in any close game just makes me feel less interested.

Adrian said...

My response!

Adrian said...

The debate is over - the Pope decides in favor of futbol.