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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The move is over. The cable god stopped by today and after I'd sacrificed a goat, genuflected and said ten Hail Comcasts he blessed me with online service again. So the physical move is done with. Which brings me to the virtual move I've been talking about the last few weeks. As of now it's probably not going to happen. The reasons range from the blatantly egotistical (Soob is linked by some pretty damn fine folks) to the miserly (to quote great philosopher Mike Tyson, "I don't not has much money at this time,") and lastly wordpress can blame nykrindc as he passed on this little gem some weeks ago which will make blogger a bit more accessible and myself a bit less of a drooling, bibbed and helmeted nose picker when it comes to the more technical aspects of blogging.

However, I will be changing the blogger Soob a bit. The white text on black backdrop is hell on the eyes and the whole thing is a bit drab. Lastly, I'm thinking of starting something new at wordpress in lieu of my move there. Something a bit more light hearted (and messy.) There are times when I've got something in my head that requires a good deal of thought and analysis. There are other times when I simply want to write damn near nonsense (see commentary and apologies to pat) or fleeting thoughts or even an '80's rock ballad or two.

Lastly (and this time I mean it,) I'll be engaging in another online endeavor, the details of which will be put here soon.

And so, good to be back and I've got a great deal of catching up to do.


Steve said...

Where is the new physical home? And I like the new design, it's much easier to read.

Anonymous said...

Soob - great new design. Look forward to reading more from you, with less eye strain.


deichmans said...

All hail Comcastimus!

Glad you're back on, though I have to say I liked the black b/g with the Frank Frazetta-like imagery.

Now soobdujour is just so, well... "cheery". :-)

Adrian said...

Shiny design.

Nonsense is good. 80s rock ballads....

Pat said...

hey no worries. i never claimed to be writing anything other than nonsense. i'm not the one who has to read it anyway.

my roommate faxed in a signed letter authorizing me to be let into the apt, along with a copy of his ID. that was enough for them to let me back in for a small fee. so i was only homeless for one night, which i spent on a very comfy leather couch at a friends place.

and i prefer the black as well..

Jay@Soob said...

steve, the sprawling metropolis of Burlington VT (a Tokyo rivaling population of some 40,000!)

Peter, thanks.

deichmans, cheery?! You wound me sir!:)

adrian, Ehhhhvery rooowse has it's thorn....

pat, good to see things worked out.

Unknown said...

I like the new design, it's very clean, and bright...though I do miss your old header pic.

I'm also glad that you found the beautifulbeta site useful. It's come in handy for my own site. :)

monarch51 said...

Soob, really like the new design!
Also, the black on white is easier
on the eyes. Now when are you going
to finish your profile? Looking
forward to the rest!monarch51

monarch51 said...

Soob, really like the new design.
Always love seeing anything that
is close to nature. Also the black
on white is so much easier on the eyes. Question: when are you going
to finish your profile? Look forward
to all. Keep on rocking! monarch51

monarch51 said...

Soob, really like the new design,
always enjoy anything close to nature. Also the black on white is alot easier on the eyes. Question:when are you going to finish
your profile? look forward to all!

Jay@Soob said...

Bit of a misunderstanding here. This bit of my post:

"There are other times when I simply want to write damn near nonsense (see commentary and apologies to pat)"

This wasn't in reference to pat's stuff (which I quite like and do not at all consider nonsense) rather my own comment on his blog which was, in essence, nonsense. Hope that clears things up a bit pat.

Pat said...

no worries Soob, i intentionally misunderstood your comment to get some fuel in my fire and actually produce a post. your nonsense was pretty hilarious, btw.