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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Not Dead

Not evem slightly! Been rather busy as of late not the least of which involves physically moving my residence from the quiet suburbs to the "city." Another week or so and I'll be back online (ISP's are notoriously sluggish in providing HS service in these parts.)

Great to see my post on Mr. Lind's apparent dismissal of 5GW generated a good deal of debate (and some links, thanks to all for those) and hope to read the comments in greater detail and toss in my own 2 and one half cents.

Back soon!


G said...


Adrian said...

Hold on to your brain!

Anonymous said...

I am always glad to read headlines like this one of yours.

Anonymous said...


Check your email! ;)

monarch51 said...

look forward to your intellectual
insight once again. The soob rocks!

Jay@Soob said...

Thanks to all.

Being undead does have its advantages. For instance I rarely have to wait in line.

adrian, brain? What brain?

P'slog, the headline "Am Dead" would be unfortunate but then it'd also be pretty interesting.

I'll be firing off another email to you shortly.

thanks for the kind words and welcome to Soob!