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Sunday, May 27, 2007

What I'm Reading

Younghusband of Coming Anarchy is curious about what I and others are currently reading. Sorry for the lack of a photo. My digital camera died an unexplained death last year and I have yet to replace it. At any rate this list should be called what I'm reading and have read as I finished two of these books up earlier today:

Imperial Grunts: Robert Kaplan. I finished this one today. I'd written earlier of comparing Barnett's work to this book but midway realized such a comparison was absurd. They're simply two completely different books. I'll post a "review" soon.

The Changing Face of War: Martin van Creveld. The second book I finished today. I've read (and liked) some of van Creveld's stuff at DNI. A recent correspondence with Adam convinced me to buy it. This too warrants a "review."

A War to be Won: Williamson Murray and Allan R. Millett. I actually started this book a while ago but back burnered it for Imperial Grunts (which was backburnered for Brave New War) and TCFW. When I say back burnered I mean I picked it up (much) less often. Like Younghusband I'm prone to reading more than one book at the same time.

I Am Charlotte Simmons: Tom Wolfe. This is my second go 'round with this book. It's that good. If stranded on a desert island and allowed to keep the works of one single author it would probably be Wolfe. Or maybe Niven/Pournelle. Or perhaps Douglas Adams. Nevermind, it's like choosing a favorite child.

Thanks to YH for the nod and I too would like to know what Mark, Peter and the intriguing and shadowy gents at KI are reading.

Ah and in a somewhat related respect: J at Armchair Generalist had the recent pleasure of meeting Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.