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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Introduction of Suggested Wisdom

In essence a relay of what I've read to what you should read via this marvelous contraption we call the Internet (Thanks Al!!) What follows are links and snippets of my own commentary.

1- Future Jacked on nuclear power:
"The 9/11 correlations are tiresome and the idea that we turn our backs of the best energy scenario because "somebody might smash a plane into it" is a bit like outlawing the automobile "cause those gasoline tanks could blow at any time!" Senseless and alarmist."

2- Coming Anarchy on the (bleak) future of energy consumption:
"Big Oils most terrifying bogeyman is federal regulation. Given the direction US politics have swayed (and will likely further sway) and the increasing burden on Americans wallets in the form of $3.00 per gallon gasoline prices such regulation seems more feasible by the day. In the eyes of Big Oil this is the equivalent of “the end is nigh.”

3- Thomas P. M. Barnett: on John Robb's Brave New War and how one commentator envisioned Robb as a socialist masked by the "false" visage of the "New Conservative": "Robb encourages a decentralized approach that seems quite contrary to socialism a more along the lines of libertarian ideology."

4- Dan of tdaxp takes the ultimate plunge: "Wow. Congratulations Dan and Fei!"

5- NeoNeoCon looks at Palestine: "“The world” seems happily blind and willfully resolved to simply tossing cash (as they’ve always done) at the Palestinians. Because, as everyone knows, money solves any and every problem… Except it doesn’t, especially in this case. Money irons out wrinkles, it doesn’t stitch the tear or patch the knee."


Steve said...

Yah, Robb's version of the future is very similar to the Anarcho-capitalism of David Friedman, and certainly not in any way socialist.

Jay@Soob said...

I have to wonder if that dude had even read Johns work.

aelkus said...

There is a very big libertarian dimension to 4GW and global guerrillas that you don't really see in any other field of foreign relations/military science. Perhaps you might want to make a post on it?

Jay@Soob said...


An excellent subject on which to post. However, I think I'll shoot off an email to our kiwi friends, phil and luke at PE and send along your excellent suggestion. They being libertarians and all.

Steve said...

Actually I wouldn't necessarily call it libertarian. He's making a practical argument, not a political one. The conclusions are quite similar though.

Jay@Soob said...

Steve, I don't think John's work carries an intentional libertarian message or any other political message. But if one were to apply a hypothetical political "tag" to it I think libertarian (or your own suggested Anarcho-capitalism) applies quite well. Certainly a hell of a lot better than socialism.

Sean Meade said...

imo, having kids is a more ultimate plunge than getting married ;-)

Jay@Soob said...

heh, point well taken, Sean.