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Short and sweet.

Imus insulted members of a collegiate basketball team with racial and sexist idiocy. He subsequently used his four hours of airtime to apologize for his remarks and appeared on various shows to extend that apology beyond his own sphere of influence.

Sharpton sharpened the pitchforks and lit the torches for a witchhunt. He tried, convicted and sentenced members of the Duke lacrosse team to public excoriation and blatant character assassination assuring all that would listen that justice would prevail, that these "rapists" would pay. When the dust settled the Duke students were cleared of charges and the legally septic Mike Nifong apologized. No word yet from the good Reverend.

One of these men just watched their career spiral down the tubes.


aelkus said...

See this article from Progressive Historians for a great takedown of Sharpton.

Jay@Soob said...

I got a 404 on that link Adam. I tried reducing it to the blog address ( and received the same.
BTW I read your piece on FPF. Excellent.

aelkus said...

Thanks for the praise.

In essence, the writer of the piece on Sharpton says that while Imus may be a racist jerk, at least he hasn't falsely accused two (count'em) people of rape----the Tawana Brawley most prominently.