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Banned in the PRC

Soob is officially banned in the PRC according to Great Firewall of China. Sadly, I'm not really all that surprised. After posting this hypothetical look at a Chinese civil war Soob enjoyed a huge
(well, huge for Soob) influx of hits originating in China to the tune of 80+ in the hour following the post.
The old communist block is still clinging to life validated by international censorship apparently.

Nod to Pacific Empire. Follow that link and see, first hand in the commentary, some apparent good ole fashion ChiCom misinformation.


aelkus said...

Expect to see many more Charles Lius in the next thirty years.

Jay@Soob said...

No doubt. What'll be interesting to watch is the resistance to counter info. Regardless of the wishes of the moldering ChiCom element the internet is not only an open source of knowledge but one that is both porous and dynamic enough to allow the social maverick a good degree of resistance.

In effect, institutionalizing (as Curtis alluded to in a previous thread) the internet will prove to be a bit like herding cat's only the cats are more adept than their "masters."

aelkus said...

Have you ever read any William Gibson novels, by any chance? There's a great 5GW context in them.

Jay@Soob said...

I haven't but I'll certainly look into them.