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Continued incursions into southern Lebanon airspace by Israeli fighters has become a possible harbinger for a showdown between Israel, France and the Unifil forces stationed along the border to enforce the UN SC resolution that brought last summers conflict to an end.

France and Israel are on a collision course in south Lebanon following incidents involving Israeli warplanes over- flying the positions of the French military contingent serving with the UN peacekeeping force there.

In the most serious confrontation, French troops were said by sources in Paris to have been "just two seconds" from launching an anti- aircraft missile at two Israeli F-15 fighters carrying out mock low-level attack runs over one outpost...

The French officer in command of the 11,500-strong UN contingent, Major General Alain Pellegrini, made it clear that he considered these incursions violated the UN Security Council resolution that brought an end to last summer’s brief but bloody war between Israel and Hezbollah.

If diplomatic efforts should prove inadequate to resolve this issue, Pellegrini added, "maybe other means would have to be considered."[The First Post]

Israel contends Hezbollah is rearming and justifies their violations likewise. France insists Israel is attempting to goad Hezbollah into another conflict. Whatever the case, it's clear to me that Israel's leadership seems hellbent on moving in the complete opposite direction that former PM and Kadima founder Ariel Sharon pathfound prior to his sad demise. Sharon's cautious conciliatory approach has become Olmert's meandering and incomprehensible reaction.