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Super Bowl XLIII MVP (via

Excellent game, a true "nail biter" and while I was pulling for the "Cinderella story" that entailed not only the Cardinals franchise but their previously embattled QB, Kurt Warner, the Steelers earned their title and broke two records doing it.

The first as linebacker James Harrison took an interception and rumbled 100 yards into the endzone and completed the longest TD play in Super Bowl history. The second, a record 6th championship for the Steelers.

All in all a great game and one open ended question remains unanswered: Is Kurt Warner going to hang up the cleats or will he return to lead the Cardinals further away from their legacy of perpetual mediocrity? If I'm a Cardinals fan I'm hoping yes. The Warner/Fitzgerald dynamic is reminiscent of Manning/Harrison. As effective as it is fun to watch.
Great game.
And now I'm in virtual sports limbo until spring training starts.


J. said...

PittsburgH - there's an "H" at the end of that title. We are not in California or Texas (which spell without the H). Heretic...

Jay@Soob said...

Lol! Duly noted and fixed. Thanks.