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Saturday, February 07, 2009

"Mom cooks Me Like a Turkey"

How disgusting my species can be:

Reyna Valentina, of Hamtramck, is accused of putting her 4-year-old daughter inside a heated oven and burning her eyes with a metal object.

"She stated that, 'Mom cooks me like a turkey in the oven," said Hamtramck police Detective Ben Bilecki. "The youngest daughter also said, 'Mama gave me the boo boos in my eyes.'"
The Tdaxp concept of what I'll call "soft" or "proactive" eugenics isn't without merit. There simply are various social anomaly's and trends that need to be bred out of the human experience.


Dan tdaxp said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

As Tony Blair said, we need to be hard on crime, and on the causes of crime.

I had a professor once who was seriously considering checking to see whether the same genetic difference that causes differences in childcare between mountain and prairie voles predicts child abuse in humans, as we share the same locus of genetic difference (which is a long repetition of seemingly junk DNA in a specific part of the genetic code.)

As I recall, he was concerned with the funding implications for this, as cries of "eugenics!" would naturally be forthcoming if he found what he thought he would.