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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Threats in the Age of Obama

Great looking cover (whose creation is that?) and given the extensive authorship what lies inside is likely even better.

If you don't immediately recognize the names you'll perhaps recognize the blogs they write for, many of which reside here under the A-List. In no particular order:


Shlok Vaidya's Thinking

Politics and Soccer

Wizards of Oz


Rethinking Security


Haft o' the Spear


From editor Michael Tanji:

….If you are on a mission to change the way government works, particularly in the national security arena, this is one a place where some independent and intellectually diverse thinking is to be found. In these essays, we offer our view of some of the more pressing threats the Obama administration will have to deal with in these early days of the 21st century.
Good stuff to be ordered in a soonly fashion. Click Here to Order.


mark said...

Much thanks !

Fred Zimmerman said...

Michael Tanji found these great images and had the great idea of tiling them on a black background. I had the brainstorm of linking them together with the striding Obama image. So truly a collaborative effort! thanks -- Fred Zimmerman, publisher

Jay@Soob said...

Mark, you're welcome.

Fred Zimmerman, thanks for the info and I'm looking forward to the read.