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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hamas Punishing Fatah Members in Gaza

As day two of the IDF ground offensive in Gaza continues Hamas isn't just fighting Israeli soldiers but also attempting to stamp out any resurgence of Fatah political leadership in Gaza:

The Hamas government has placed dozens of Fatah members under house arrest out of fear that they might exploit the current IDF operation to regain control of the Gaza Strip.

The move came amid reports that the Fatah leadership in the West Bank has instructed its followers to be ready to assume power over the Gaza Strip when and if Israel's military operation results in the removal of Hamas rule.

Fatah officials in Ramallah told The Jerusalem Post that Hamas militiamen had been assaulting many Fatah activists since the beginning of the operation last Saturday. They said at least 75 activists were shot in the legs while others had their hands broken.
Is this Hamas being their usual brutal old selves or is this indicative of desperation in light of a generally unbroken solidarity between Israel and the PA to marginalize Hamas and edge Gaza back under Fatah control?