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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Vermontistan: Independence Beyond Secession?

At 13% Vermont maintains the highest percentage of state population favoring secession from the United States.

While not a pro-secessionist, I've always found the concept of a modern secession fascinating, not for it's veneer of blustering anti-federal rhetoric (that's the easy part) but for the underlying, vastly complex machinations that would have to take place in order for it to succeed. I understand the trumpeted "Why" but in discussions online and off have never come across even a remotely convincing argument for the "How." Enter Vermontistan:

"Secession" is just a legal formality. Even if we exerted enough effort to go through a Secession process to achieve soveriegn nation status, we'd still be faced with the same challenges and problems we are now. Or...we could skip the part about asking the US for permission to leave, and just focus on building systems that work, survive and thrive.

Yeah, it's vague and if I'd read this bit by happenstance I might snort, nod and cast it aside as yet more rhetoric. But I've read this guys stuff before on a different venue and know it to be well beyond the simplicity of an attempt to raise the masses through verbiage. Quite the contrary, I suspect this will be a well thought and realistic measure to provide the framework for independence (sans official secession) that I've been seeking.


Anonymous said...

The Southern Poverty Law Center did an excellent article regarding Vermont's secessionists over the summer. It seems they have links and/or cooperative efforts with the neo-Confederates, white supremacy groups.

Here's the article link:

Justin Boland said...

^^I think it's really dishonest to say "they" like the activities of any one group member implicate everyone else. It's a very diverse movement. Media figures like Naylor are good at self-promotion but that doesn't mean they have a movement behind them. I personally think Naylor has done more to harm than good for "Vermont Secession" as a meme.

Soob, thanks for the shout. The Vermontistan is definitely in sketch mode, but yes, I intend to really drill down into specifics and focus on That Which Works. The trickiest part about the project is being in Illinois while I do it...I miss home.

Jay@Soob said...

GS, thanks, I'll check out the link.

37, you're welcome and I'm looking forward to it.