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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Suggested Wisdom XXIII

Andrew Sullivan: continues his bizarre fascination with the Palin Pregnancy Conspiracy. Given that the entire conspiracy now appears to be hinged on the fungible factor of photo dating, it seems a bit reminiscent of not the Atlantic but more that of the Enquirer. Andrew, Palin's faults are numerous, why linger on this?

Rethinking Security:
Looks into the (narco)feudalist nature of Mexico's drug war. Additionally he defines the reverse inkblot strategy of non-state actor's ability to locally destabilize state authority and redistribute governance from the ruling government to a more feudal semblance.

Politics and Soccer: On why we should bail out the Big Three.

Whited Sepulcher:
On why we shouldn't bail out the Big Three.

Tdaxp: On the "softer" side of some UAW workers. Baseball bats are a method of delivering a message.

The Texas Scribbler: On the (lack of) reality regarding colonization of Mars. I'd offer, people will colonize the Gobi when they have to. I'm a relatively cynical person but I think the resilience of human kind is very often vastly understated.


Adrian said...

I don't understand Sullivan's obsession either.

FYI the incident TDAXP talks about was in 1982.

EB said...

Sullivan's obsession is strange, though given her inability to tell the truth about nearly anything about her professional political life and some of her personal life, anything less ridiculous would be far more believable.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

As always, I bow to the Buddha nature that is within you.

Thanks for the linkage.

Allen in Fort Worth