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Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo and Quote: Greek Riots

Photo via BBC

Viral Rioting. What began a week ago in Greece in reaction to the police killing of a teenage boy is being parroted by small, sympathetic groups across Europe. (H/T Elam Bend)
"Greece in self-destruct mode" the conservative daily newspaper Kathimerini said in an editorial: "This is a country with a state that is in a shambles, a police force in disarray, mediocre universities that serve as hotbeds of rage instead of knowledge and a shattered health care system. It is also on the brink of financial ruin."



Dan tdaxp said...

Greece has had at least a decade of bad luck, from being one of the few NATO countries to support Milosevic, to a stupid generation-long struggle against Macedonia's name, to international sympathy shifting to the TRNC, and now this.

I think Catholicgauze once said,

Q: Why did the early Protestants always accuse the Pope, and not the Greek Patriarch in Constantinople, of being the Antichrist?
Q: The Antichrist has better things to do than listening to the Sultan for 500 years!

Anonymous said...

Maybe time for Prime Minister Gordon Brown to start savin' Greece well 'fore he starts savin' the world.