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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Graph and a Quote: War on Drugs

Via a post at Skilluminati that despite being a year old is more relevant than ever.

The precise statistic is 737 per 100,000 US citizens behind bars, a rate that is higher than Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Libya or even Canada. No other nation in the world locks up its own citizens at the level the United States do.
The War on Drugs: Supporting the Prisoner Industrial Complex and Narco-Feudalism right in your back yard.


Jeff Wills said...

"...a rate that is higher than Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Libya or even Canada."

First, it is difficult to compare with the states listed. Their justice systems are different (some currupt, others ineffective, one incredibly liberal--no justice basically, others using harsh punishments instead of jail time as solution) and so similiar are their law enforcement agencies (not near as savy in skill or having the high tech means to convict as we have in the U.S.)

Our system, with all its problems, is still the best. People get trials, mulitple appeals, and then they serve their punishment according to state or federal guidelines. I'm certainly for trying to preventing crime and high incarceration rates through programs that get at the root cause of problems. There are limits, though. With budgets strained and getting more so, and with mulitple priorites, its going to be tough to find the resources for that now. Local and state governments will be the standard bearers for this.

Anyway, interesting post Jay.

And, got your reply on my blog, Merry Christmas to you too!

Anonymous said...

You can pay off law enforcement in all of those countries...excluding Canada.

As one who is personally investigating the hash trade and it's implications in Morocco, I'm seeing most countries as just paying lip service to the "War on Drugs." The occasional high-end bust tends to keep America happy. Yet, I can get cocaine, heroine, opium and hash at relatively cheap prices. Interestingly, I have been seeing a large amounts of opium here in Morocco lately. All the dealers claim it's coming out of Afghanistan...

Unfortunately, usually the farmers of these drugs are the ones who make the least profit.

Will be interesting to see, after budgets tighten, how much states/local government will be after these non-violent users. How much will priorities will change?

Great link/chart mate!

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Yes Jay, saw a documentary on this some time ago and found it disturbing. Stopped by to say, Merry Christmas ...

Jay@Soob said...

Jeff, agree about the differences. Still, our incarceration system is punitive not about reforming individuals. That needs to be fixed first. And that's just a start.

Jay@Soob said...

glenn, hope you're careful in your investigative efforts. Sounds fascinating, if a bit dangerous. Hope you made it home alright!

Jay@Soob said...

AI, and to you as well!

JoshSN said...

I am optimistic, just like with the Castro brothers.

Forty more years of the embargo is sure to see an end to Castro brother rule in Cuba.

It might take one hundred years for the War on Drugs to work... but at least I picked a time frame that will see me dead before I'm wrong!

Jay@Soob said...

lol!! Well said!