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The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

“May we live long and die out”

Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth's biosphere to return to good health. Crowded conditions and resource shortages will improve as we become less dense.

Taking nihilism and nature worship to an unprecedented level of absurdity.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that this organization probably didn't take out a 99-year lease on its office space. The good news is it shouldn't be around to pester our heirs.

Dan tdaxp said...

It's oddly species-centric, as it implies there is some quality to one species in particular that it has no business not going extinct.

Still, evolution in action. To the extent this belief is heritable, one can see it leaving the gene pool!

Jay@Soob said...

Lol. Yep, it'll be interesting a generation from now to see how far the membership has dwindled! No doubt VHEMT has yet to realize their own intellectual paradox.

Joel Klebanoff, enjoyed reading your satire and cynicism at stuff and nonsense.

G said...

These guys remind me of the antinatalist movement:

I don't reckon it'll dwindle.

Nihilistic intellectual types will love it and propagate it, even though they wouldn't go through with the ultimate in exhorting the movement's values, i.e: putting their money where their mouth is and killing themselves.

It's a typical millenarian movement: OMG things are EVIL and the only thing that put a stop to this evil is through some extreme ideology, then things will be GOOD again.

This is all very hilarious, considering these ideas come from the same ideological sphere that would exhort moral relativism, yet will argue there is an ultimate good (in the extinction of humans).

Also hilarious that these guys assume that other species existed in a utopia before humans. Perhaps they aren't aware of the continuous extinction of species over extremely long timelines.

Anonymous said...


Jeff Wills said...

Not meaning to take a shot here, but these people do tend to vote for Democrats. Hmmmm. Anyway, how absurd!

Daniel McIntosh said...

The Shakers made 200,000 converts, and they outlawed sex altogether. Of course, there are only four Shakers remaining...

The Red Son said...

Sounds good to time. That is more or less my plan at the time. I have never understood the impulse to procreate that so many others feel