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Friday, November 21, 2008

A Palin WTF?? Moment

Pardoning a turkey while his brethren are beheaded and sent through a meat grinder. Christ.


Anonymous said...

Well it's not like a turkey is self-aware of what a pardon saves him from... what's the point of a pardon without an execution?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Of all the Palin mishaps, this surely takes the cake.

Dan tdaxp said...

I don't get it.

When there was all this talk of her hunting moose, did people think she was tagging-and-releasing?

I didn't think she was the best choice for VP, and I can't see myself supporting her in the 2012 primaries, but I can't make sense of this line of criticism.

Jay@Soob said...

Which line of criticism?
You don't recognize the rather macabre irony in pardoning a turkey and then giving an interview in front of other turkey's being slaughtered?

Cannoneer No. 4 said...

Domesticated turkeys live to be slaughtered.

What did you expect her to do? Intervene?

Anonymous said...

The fact she cannot denote the obvious irony of the situation doesn't tell me that she much cares to assuage the "Idiot Barbie" label she's garnered.

Jay@Soob said...

Yes C4 she should have tackled that ornicidal maniac!
I couldn't care less about the turkey. Indeed I intend to eat a shit load of turkey next week. Look beyond the intellectually anemic hacks at MSNBC.
This has nothing to do with turkeys and everything to do with the political boobery that is Sarah Palin. As Girl Spy refers to, Palin has been rather effectively characterized by the media as a low brow, white trash, gun toting hick with little awareness beyond her backyard. As often as not she's unwittingly fueled this characterization, be it bumbling interviews, appearing on SNL, or winking like an idiot and giving "shout outs" during vp debates.

That she lacks the awareness to realize the absurdity of that setting is telling.

Dan tdaxp said...

It's rather sickening that Jay considers an ag background as being 'white trash.'

I don't know what Jay is trying to accomplish with this hate speech, but it has the effect of disgusting anyone from an ag background.

Jay@Soob said...


"Palin has been rather effectively characterized by the media..."

The media's characterization not my own. Effective not accurate. There's a difference. I should have been more clear, perhaps.

Dan tdaxp said...


If you stand by your bigotry, say so.

If you meant something else by it, say so.

I don't know how ag processing brings up "white trash" in your mind, but your attempt to misdirect by saying such-and-such is a media characterization -- when your original thread and subsequent comments seem to boil down to lol omg farmers!!1 - is both unhelpful and dishonest.

Jay@Soob said...


"Ag processing." A bit confused here, you're under the impression that the "white trash" comment is somehow derived from the guy in the background processing a turkey? Is this the case?

Anonymous said...

"White Trash"?

More like just trash.

Her son essentially had to get his GED and join the Army to avoid jail time according to people in their town. We know he did not finish high school, which speaks ill of her parenting skills. I was a college dropout, I will be more than happy to heap shame on quitters as I have done to myself, especially quitters like him and myself who came from relatively privileged backgrounds.

Her eldest daughter missed most of high school last year (before she was pregnant and then as she was) and is essentially having a shotgun marriage to a foul-mouthed teenager whose MySpace page was the epitome of teenage stupidity. She also will not finish high school and will need to get a GED later on.

Her younger kids were not in school this fall but instead with their mom on the road. Given the lack of education success the older two have had, this isn't a good omen.

I can guarantee the McCain (he has a 14-16 year old right, the one from Bangladesh?) and Obama kids were in school save a night or two at the convention and staying up late for election results.

She collected a robust $200,000 odd debt for the RNC on such wonderful items as silk boxers for her husband and a visit to dozens of clothing stores like Nieman Marcus everywhere around the country she visited. (The story here is not nearly finished, just wait till the tell-all books).

She stole upwards of $25000 from the Alaskan taxpayers for improper per diem privileges, a matter that will probably be revisited in a punitive form next year now that she has made so many more enemies in Alaskan politics from both parties with her holier than thou attitude which reeks of hypocrisy given the swirl of damning ethics violations she has already left behind.

Of course, any claims that Couric, Gibson or others tried to dupe her or confuse her are further damaging to her. If she can't handle Katie Couric, how could have she handled Putin, Chavez or Barney Frank?

She is a fraud and if she is considered the GOP front-runner, conservatives are $#(#)d in 2012. We need clean, intelligent people like Jindal, Daniels and Pawlenty, not this one.

Picking her for VP was pure identity politics and it backfired like it should have. She may very well have been the reason McCain lost above even the economy.

As far as the clip, it is ironic in a mildly amusing manner.

Dan tdaxp said...

Eddie presents a well-thought out litany against Governor Palin, proving it is possible to criticize her without slurring an entire way of life.


Your misdirection here is as tiring (and as out of character) as your bigotry.

Your original post," A Palin WTF?? Moment," read in full, "Pardoning a turkey while his brethren are beheaded and sent through a meat grinder. Christ," and included the youtube video of a turkey slaughtering.

I didn't realize that you view ag processing to be similar to smut, in that it is something that must be kept off the airwaves and away from children.

Jay@Soob said...

Misdirection? No, confusion regarding the rather severe allegation and your terminology (ag.) Thanks for clarifying your position a bit.

I don't know what, in what I wrote, lead you to believe I consider "ag processing" (we call it farming around here) equitable to "smut." I suspect you are reading something into what I wrote that I certainly did not intend to infer. Given where I was born and how I was raised the concept of besmirching farming is simply foreign to me. Hence a partial reason for my initial confusion.
One important lesson in writing is that what is going on in your head, what you put down on paper and what the reader takes away are rarely one and the same. Hence the need, in professional writing for an editor.

Beyond this I'm certainly not going to bow down to the charge of bigotry though I will offer an apology if what you took away from this post offended you.

Dan tdaxp said...

What was meant?

Anonymous said...

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