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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bolt on the Mumbai Crisis

The Taj Hotel Burning via Arun Shanbhag

Andrew Bolt weighs in on the Mumbai crisis and assures us, in a rather Westocentric rant, that this is a simple matter of "us vs them." That the complexities of India's multi-sectarian/ideological insurgencies are of no matter, that this latest conflagration is a simple, monolithic matter of freedom hating Islamists striking out at the west. And that al Qaeda is the "prime suspect." Bolt's assertions reach a crescendo of reason here:
Mumbai has been hit by Islamist terrorists before, of course, but those were very different. The targets were locals, and so were the grievances.
Well then, that's a relief. I mean, Hindu zealots, Kashmiri militants and Naxalite Maoists threatening the stability of the planets largest democracy are different and of no concern to western ideals. But this latest spat of violence has nothing to do with India and everything to do with the Islamic terrorists (all of whom, apparently take direction from a fellow apparently buried in the caves of the Hindu Kush) and their hatred of western ideals. It's that easy. Isn't it?
(h/t to Otto)