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Thanks to Adrian for sending this along (via Ethan Zuckerman.)

If that doesn't get into an opponents head and mess up his mojo then I don't know what will. Unsurprisingly the Trinity Trojan's are the top high school football team in the country.


Dick Stanley said...

I can see how it might stagger a high school team. The Oklahoma Sooners, not so much.

Mike said...

I'd chuckle and wonder if they realized how stupid they looked, then be curious as to if they could actually back up all the tough guy swagger.

Of course, I'm probably in the minority in having that response. I'm far more intimidated by a quiet professional than I am by some loud mouth blowhard strutting about like a rooster.

G said...

My little brothers used to do the haka along with the TV whenever NZ played Australia in union or the league.

Mike is also correct; nonetheless, lots of maoris are like eight feet tall and built like brick shithouses. Even the short, stocky dudes could probably twist the heads off 90% of the population. Probably stems from a history of fighting off the hordes of Mordor ...

Jay@Soob said...

mike, bear in mind the chaps that are facing this verbally violent, ursine character and his team are high school kids.

That aside within the context of immediate fisticuffs, I've found the guy that projects his aggression through shouts, shoving and breaking knuckles on a brick wall (which grins after he shatters his fist upon it...brick walls do a lot of grinning in this respect) is paramount to a fellow that isn't committed to a physical contest but at the same time wants to exert his "machismo."

Ymarsakar said...

It would be more intimidation if I recognized the words they were saying. But not by much.

Sound and Fury. Signifying a social message. Lightning and Thunder, however, are not social messages. Their power lies in their naked physical violence. Their ability to destroy and to ignore anything that isn't natural.

As for socialized displays of aggression, check out this link.


Make sure you watch the youtube vid and pay close attention to how much time lapses at the key moment.

Jay@Soob said...

Ymarsakar, a rather graphic ramification of the concept if you pull out a gun you'd better be ready to use it.

"It's just another horrible, preventable example of what can happen when one person reads the situation as antisocial, a contest for pecking order, while the other is willing to cross all those lines and go straight for the kill."

Sums it up quite well.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

These guys are in Euless TX, a burb of Fort Worth.
Twenty some odd years ago, two or three Maori families moved in, got jobs, and then about 8,000 more followed.
The coaches and teachers LOVE them. Any disciplinary problems with the kids are handled by the parents. Harshly.
And of course, there's the size factor that the football coaches love. One year the Trinity Trojan's linemen outweighed those of the Washington Redskins.
I haven't been to a game yet, but if you and Munz ever make it down here, call me.

Allen in Fort Worth

Jay@Soob said...

Will do. I expect to be in Texas some time in the next few months but it'll be some 600 miles away in Lubbock. Your state is simply entirely too big.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the hell that is but it isn't the Maori haka - what it is though, is a 'rip-off' and piss-poor version of it.

I love watching sports teams perform the haka but this was absolutely pathetic guys - the leader doesn't even know the words to the war dance and the actions were worse than a sick 5 year-old girl swatting at mosquitoes.

Learn and perform it properly or drop it completely - you are just embarrasing yourselves...