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The new Sitemeter's free service was a horrid shadow of its previous self. And so I tossed $6.95 for a month of their "premium" service and have yet to receive the vaunted "confirmation link" that I was promised in my e-mail box, now some 12 odd hours later. Not at all satisfied with the new and not yet improved Sitemeter.

Addendum: Sitemeter, apparently reacting to a less than favorable response to their ill conceived "makeover" has reverted, in a sudden, and still no word about my $6.85, fashion to their previous standard of service.


ortho said...

Try StatCounter. I think it works well. Plus it's free.

Jeff Kouba said...

yeah, when I first took a look at the changes Sunday, I thought ok, what am I missing? This new thing has a fraction of the usefulness of the original.

I'm glad they went back, but what the heck kind of user testing did they do with this?

Dick Stanley said...

I bet they've had a lot of $6.95 cancellations. I was getting ready to be one of them when the rollback occurred.

Unknown said...

I'm also glad they reverted back to the original. I never actually got to test out the new version because no matter what I tried, it would not load in my computer. It would stall before I could get to the stats. I had never been so happy to see the old sitemeter back.

Sorry to hear about your troubles with the premium service. Your experience made me think twice about "upgrading."

Jay@Soob said...


I use statcounter as well but sitemeter's interface is, for me, easier to use.

jeff, given the overwhelmingly negative response, likely little user testing apparently.

dick, nykr be glad you didn't. I've yet to receive an email confirmation of my "premium" sevice and so now I'll have to jump through some hoops to get the idiot thing canceled.

James said...


Take a look at

Jay@Soob said...

Thanks H!