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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anonymous versus the U.S. economy

What would happen if someone released a mass disinformation campaign with forged letters from oil execs and faked screenshots from major news sites with the intent of fooling the US public that there is a major gas shortage?

Wonder no further. 

Members of John Robb's heroes Anonymous have now taken aim at the U.S. economy.  

The wiki for the operation is here. It doesn't appear to have any momentum behind it, yet. The chatter on /b/ doesn't have much to it either. Ironic (intentional?) that the name of the operation is an inside joke about committing suicide.

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Update: Appears at this time that the wiki has been closed down fairly quickly (minutes after posting this). So much for that. The forged letter also had the wrong first name for the CEO of ExxonMobil. 


G said...

Well, well, well. It appears to me the wiki and my other links to it are gone.

Conversation at /b/ is here:

Not safe for work obviously.

I should have kept copies of some of their strategies. They were trying to mimic this news item with the UAL stock and google algorithm:

Anonymous said...

It was 404'd very quickly. (the 4chan link)

I would have enjoyed reading the screenshots of what they were trying to do. Like I predicted earlier, expect more of this. There is a part of Anonymous who want epic amount of lulz. Maybe they enjoyed the fame from hacking Palin's email?

If they can only convince some /b/tards to stop "fapping" to do something productive...

Open source, good and bad.

Raymond said...
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Jay@Soob said...

Job searching has nothing even remotely to do with the post. Comment removed as spam.

G said...

Glenn you are right. It was removed very quickly. Kicking myself that I didn't get screenshots. They were linking to history site with counter-intelligence and disinformation as well for examples. Some of them appear to be getting a little more sophisticated.

I could really do with a job. Was it a job with viagra?

Jay@Soob said...

Lol. It was a job with viagra and it included "live testing with willing subjects" and so...

Purpleslog said...

Very interesting.