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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Photo and A Quote

(via AP) Mexicans amass to protest violence. 2,682 people have been killed this year in Mexico's drug war.

Via NYTimes

Gone are the days when Mexico’s drug war was an abstraction for most people, something they lamented over the morning papers as if it were unfolding far away. Reminders are everywhere, like the radios blasting drug ballads that romanticize the criminals and the giant banners that drug cartels hang from overpasses to recruit killers and threaten rivals.


ortho said...

My favorite quote from this article describes how Mexicans, who now live in a state of perpetual civil war, modify their bodies: "They are doing things, like having chips inserted in their forearms so they can be tracked if they are kidnapped, that they never could have imagined during more sedate times."

It reminded me of Iraqis, who also live in a generalized state of perpetual civil war, modified their bodies with tattoos, so their families could identify them after a car-bomb or suicide-bomber explosion.*

Marvel at the remarkable human ingenuity in the face of perpetual war!

* Standardization--Synchronization--War--Fear