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Via Danger Room

IntelFusion is conducting an open source investigation/analysis of various events of cyber warfare.

We’ll be looking not only at network data involved in past cyber warfare attacks (Chechnya, Estonia, and Georgia), but incorporating semantic analysis of Russian hacker blogs in an effort to uncover connections that may not be readily apparent. If this model proves efficacious, we’ll launch a second effort examining Chinese cyber warfare/espionage activities.

This is a pure grass roots effort using only open source data pulled from the Web. All the participants are volunteers. Regular updates will be posted here, and our findings will be published in the appropriate venues.

If this effort sounds as exciting to you as it does to us, we are looking for volunteers who have skills in the following areas: computer security, computer linguists, data base designers/administrators, computer programmers.

If you have the requisite skills and you’d like to participate in this unique project, I’ve set up a protected Twitter alias Gray Goose. Add yourself as a follower and we’ll be in touch about next steps. There will be a vetting process and not everyone who volunteers will be able to participate.

This is way beyond any of my abilities but some readers may possess the requisite qualifications.