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Saturday, August 16, 2008

An Increasingly Deflated Europe

A rather scathing op-ed by Chan Akya of the Asian Times, discussing the increasingly deflated nature of Europe on the global scene, especially in light of their essential non-reaction to Russia's recent aggression.

European weakness is thus not a passing fad; it appears to be a long-term secular decline from both a strategic and an economic perspective. Their sclerotic global standing is but a result of socialist policies that have helped push the best and brightest away from the region, leaving in their stead a bunch of subsidy grabbers and welfare cheats.



Anonymous said...

Scathing! Most Europeans I know are indifferent to the conflict more concerned with the soccer season that is in full force now. As if they expect this sort of action from Russia. Eerily odd.

Dan tdaxp said...

This is true, but also remember (wrt west Eurasian affairs) that Europe is adding members to a political Union, which is a very painful sacrifice with much more profound consequences than losing a few thousand lives here and there.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Too much fat tends to force one's eyes closed. Too bad.