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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Inevitability of Pakistan II

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Another follow up on this previous post. It would seem the White House has finally "seen the light" and will authorize the use of special forces in cross border operations into the tribal no man's land of western Pakistan. A snippet of an IBD editorial:
It appears hawks within the Pentagon and CIA have won a long-running policy battle with risk-averse officials in the administration and diplomats at the State Department. The result is a more aggressive, go-it-alone policy in response to Pakistan's failure to disrupt terrorist training camps and cross-border attacks against our troops and the Afghan government.

Politics and diplomacy had not produced the desired results, and they've had ample opportunity to work. For nearly seven years now — as we've coaxed, cajoled and even bribed our "ally" with billions in aid — Osama bin Laden and his henchmen have remained hidden inside Pakistan's tribal areas. Patience with Islamabad has run out. It's time for unilateral military action.

The U.S. military confirms it is sending extra air power to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border by moving the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln from the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman. The battle group ostensibly will provide air support for special forces who reportedly have been given the green light — after tumultuous debate within the White House — to conduct raids deep inside Pakistan's tribal belt to eradicate al-Qaida and Taliban bases.

Better late than never and good to see our footprint on Pakistan turf will be light and so, one hopes, will help minimize the political fallout.


Anonymous said...

The White House following the Obama Pak agenda? Good.

(Remember that McCain strenuously denied we'd do any such thing with respect to our "friends" in Pakistan.)

Jay@Soob said...

McCain was wrong.