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Sigh. Tiresome, tedious, pure fodder (and not even good fodder) for headline hungry media sources and absolute gasoline for intellectual sadists like Al Sharpton.

The context has been conveniently formed in various fashions by various outlets, most of which (Fox's Bill O'Reilly actually had the most complete context) clipped and pruned for max effect in publication. Ridiculous to those of us that heard the full clip and understand the show in it's entirety. That said:

Imus has been purely abysmal since his return. Political correctness and the fear of racial hyper-sensitivity has erased the edge his show once strode forth with. The Imus program has been reduced to the equivalent of six kids whispering and hush giggling well past their bed time.

Guys like Al Sharpton are going to kill terrestrial talk radio.


deichmans said...

Imus has been abysmal because he caved in to the censors and the "Thought Police", and allowed himself to become an emasculated shell of his former self.

Can you imagine George Carlin ever caving in like that? I find it ironic that the comedian who flaunted every vulgarity without reserve or remorse has passed -- receiving full honors from the Mainstream Media.

Imus will be soon forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Don Imus was funny sometime ago? When did this happen?

Regardless of the comedian, the PC police seem only to strengthen every year. I cringe to think of who they will take down next.

Jay@Soob said...

After that bit with then President Bill Clinton I think he'll have some remembrance in the future. But I agree, he's caved to the PC "quiet now" surge. Carlin, of course, is a tad left and so is excused his transgressions. Further his were generally non-mainstream (HBO) and not really racial in nature. Never the less the irony is obvious. I suspect when Imus meets his maker the media will faun over him in a similar, if toned down, manner. Tragedy sells.

Eddie the Wilfred Brimley Thanksgiving parodies were classic. But, of course, comedy is subjective. I found Carlin to be brilliant and funny but Lenny Bruce, not so much. One mans treasure and all that.

I agree the PC nonsense is a-marching. And the founding fathers would be baffled to see speech restricted, not by the government, but by a fundamentalist cadre of the people.

Anonymous said...

"fundamentalist cadre of the people"... oh that name matches the menacing effect of the PC forces far better than the PC Army.....

Of course the media echo chamber is deafening as well.