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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Inevitability of Pakistan

In line with my last post on this subject, CFR points out the growing tension in US/Paki relations:
Meanwhile, serious political differences exist within Pakistan's ruling coalition on issues relating to constitutional amendments, proposals to impeach President Pervez Musharraf, and the reinstatement of judges deposed during a November 2007 state of emergency. Lisa Curtis, South Asia expert at the Heritage Foundation, believes the political maneuvering in Islamabad is distracting the Pakistani government from dealing with growing militancy in the tribal areas. Experts say the unclear power dynamic between the newly elected civilian leaders and the army, arguably the country's dominant institution, raises questions about the long-term viability of the partnership. A new report by RAND Corporation's Seth G. Jones goes further, charging that some individuals in the Pakistani government continue to support (PDF) militant groups inside Pakistan.
Victory in Afghanistan resides east through the Hindu Kush.