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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Suggested Wisdom XIV

Nexus between organized crime and terrorism: Adrian discusses the empowerment of "terrorists" and organized crime through illicit economies.

Close encounters of the fourth kind: Snoop discusses the recent "Mr. Carter Goes to Syria" episode. A question for Snoop would be: What now?

Ubiwar is online and lends us to wonder about the 3gw aspect of the GWOT. Nearly 1 million USAF sorties later...

Zenpundit questions the... well everything regarding the aspect of current American "democracy." The essence being the traditional failure of presidential candidates of the Legislative persuasion to those candidates of the Executive. Mark wonders if the current Senatorial crop of candidates has the moxy for the real game.

Hidden Unities delves into the pathetic devolution of journalism to infotainment. The adjunct of "hate" incites a rather off topic (but never the less intriguing) debate. Fact is, America's televised mewling that (as often as not by comedians) pass as journalism are anything but. If one levies the accounts of televised mainstream, American's are suckling Popsicles, wearing bibs and looking out the ear hole of a football helmet.


Adrian said...

Thanks for the plug! That's two now, with The Strategist.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks for the shout out and for the picture of my beloved animal. Re the question "what now?", I really don't have any answer. I plan for a few beers this evening, this you can take to the bank. Anything beyond is too foggy ;-)

Jay@Soob said...

Hope you enjoyed the beers, Snoop. Shall we indulge in a constructive and friendly debate on the role of Hamas and the role of Israel and western powers in the "two state" solution?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link Soob!

Adrian said...

Thought you gents might be interested in this article on homophilia, xenophilia and the media.