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While the citizens of Venezuela are trolling grocery stores and gazing in askance at packaged chicken feet, the state run NTC has lifted the insidious and vile animated sit-com, the Simpsons. In place of this nefarious bit of "entertainment" the NTC is running the intellectually challenging and scholastic series "Baywatch: Hawaii."

Venezuelan TV channel has yanked The Simpsons off the air because it may be inappropriate for children. Taking its place: Baywatch Hawaii...

Station spokeswoman Elba Guillen said Monday that the decision to hand over the daily 11 a.m. time slot came after the National Telecommunications Commission received complaints from viewers.

"It had to be taken off," Guillen said. "They consider it to be a series that isn't appropriate for that time because it isn't appropriate for children."

The regulatory agency didn't specify which elements of the program were deemed offensive, but said showing the animated cartoon series at that hour could violate national regulations prohibiting "messages that go against the whole education of boys, girls and adolescents."

Ah, yes, nothing spells education like bouncing boobs and jouncing bikini clad buttocks. Jiggling and barely clad flesh is, after all, the basis of developmental education. Now, where's my fried chicken feet?