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This is a great visualization of an ideological network and its influences. I've added the chart above if you want to click on it. (Via Sans Everything who has some good commentary on the flow chart)


GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hey! This is great stuff - thank you for sharing. For a lot of ppl intereseted in Foreign Policy and some of it's ideological roots this here chart is invaluable.

Neoconism may be about to be upgraded to a v4.0 here soon. Do you reckon they'll keep the name? Or do you reckon they may upgrade it too?

Jay@Soob said...

It is a cool chart. But wasn't George Orwell a leftist? IIRC he partook in the Spanish civil war. Hmm. Have to look into that.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating, especially seeing academic names I wouldn't peg as a neocon like Marty Lipset and Daniel Bell.

G said...

Great satan's girlfriend I don't know much about their current evolution to hazard a guess. For a bit there, especially when rumsfeld was fired, and certain neocon reporters were renouncing the war, I thought their network might be starting to crumble, but it looks like, with rumsfeld in the mix of the new public diplomacy IO program that they may have a resurgence.

Soob and Stephen, I think the influences could be anyone, including those that might be considered against their ideological view, for example great works of philosophy and ideas have come about because they were against a certain idea, rather for it e.g. plato-aristotle, then descartes ripping of aristotlian views. A good modern example is Thomas Barnett and John Robb, when they disagree, the greater ideological network benefits because they reassess their ideas, rebuild etc.

I also think the leftist ideological influence is obvious, given that the definition of neoconversativism is based around the idea of a "new conservative" because they were something else in the past, mostly extreme left in some cases.