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Friday, March 21, 2008

Suggested Wisdom XII

Coming Anarchy: Younghusband continues his coverage of Anon's effective "intifada" against Scientology.

Global Guerrillas: Publishes a comment from an alleged Anon member. The fact that John deleted the IP record lends one to wonder just how anonymous this faction is... At any rate, an enlightening look at the rather sophisticated nature of this collective.

Hidden Unities (a bit late in reading this post): Jury Nullification regarding the War On Drugs is being advocated by the creators of "The Wire" in a NYT Op Ed. Said nullification is wholly supported by this half of Soob.

Swedish Meatballs Confidential: For once I looked at the pictures and read the articles. In this case a "case is not at all closed" aspect of Pakistan, US funding, and the difficulties in pushing a religiously driven 3gw force to do an about face and fight a counter insurgency against the very ideals that many who serve have come to embrace.

Via Zenpundit; RealScoop: A conflation of voice stress analysis and video that apparently lends the viewer to observe an analytical range of "believability" as the subject speaks. If you haven't read Natures End then you won't appreciate my apprehension.

Good stuff.