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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Suggested Wisdom XI

Baudrillard's Bastard with a lengthy and excellent debate regarding race, though the commentary takes a turn for the worse as "white supremacy" supplants debate...

The Strategist: Colombian drug cartels have effectively colonized and reformed a west African country to be an essential hub for cocaine marketeering.

Wolf Howling presents a comical look at the fallibility of politicians who rely on the smaller head. The ever present Spitzer serves a catalyst.

Zenpundit posts on the resignation of Admiral William Fallon and the essential scapegoating of Tom Barnett for his piece in Esquire. A comment by Lexington Green:

Bremer was allowed to remain in charge for a long time while the thing unravelled, then he got some medal for it? He should have been guillotined.

Then Fallon gets shit-canned over Barnett’s article?

I find this actually scary.

Attacking Iran would be an act of madness.

Says it all, doesn't it. The whole Bush administration seems hellbent on a legacy more in line with Caligula than Reagan. Stay tuned for reports of the Coast Guard collecting seashells...

Both PurpleSlog and TDAXP weigh in on the seven social sins, each from a decidedly different perspective.


Adrian said...

"Fallibility" of those politicians? What if achieving political power was, instead of the end, their means towards getting in good with the womenfolk? In that case it's success! Certainly few of the men on Howling's list would be likely to score based on their looks alone...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Soob.

Dan tdaxp said...

Agreed on Baudrillard. The signal-to-noise ratio finally fell to low. The end of the last comment

Oh wait, I suppose that constitutes another ad hominem, right? Well, as the young ones say, "whatever."

is beyond parody.

Jay@Soob said...

Adrian, lol, now there's a different take on the situation.

Peter, you're welcome. I'd thought about leaving some of my usual "war on drugs" diatribe in your commentary but lately even I'm tired of it!

Dan, Too bad really as it was an excellent discourse. I don't get the need to bring ones "personal life" (to paraphrase) into the discussion. Though I'd add that the whole "white supremacy" suspicion could have been quickly laid to rest by one rather conspicuous aspect of your personal life. But then, as I said, why the necessity?

I wonder, why the need to find victims? And I think that's the root of the direction the discussion went. Guilt?