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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Harry the Lionhearted

Machiavelli reasoned that a most effective fashion for a "prince" to gather a conquered populace under his rule is to take residence among the conquered...

So some media weasel managed to ferret out the deployment details for Prince Harry and the British government, wisely, recalled him from service. The Drudge Report, for me at least, is hence forth a bag of fetid, green sh*t. Hope you made out well on that report, Matt!

I have no illusions of Harry leading a charge with fixed bayonet, or even being allowed to foray into any established "hot" zone, but the good prince is ranked high on my own "People I Admire" list. Giving up the plush (if paparazzi riddled) royal existence for a decidedly uncertain endeavor into a land his forefathers failed to tame as a British officer invokes a romantic, Victorian visage, doesn't it? It also spells a semblance of courage for the chap who's third in line for the crown.

What's more, the young Harry has both downplayed his "heroism" and indicated that he's eager to rejoin the effort.

Cheers to Harry.

Thanks to Jeff for this.


Anonymous said...

I mentioned on Jeff's blog that I prefer the medieval variety of warrior kings and princes, eg, William, Richard Cœur de Lion, Edward III, the Black Prince and Henry V. Real warriors that were found in the front-line.

Ymarsakar said...

Decadent western civilizations in need of ancient vitality and bloodlust will automatically prefer warrior princes over the corrupt politicians of their current day.

Unfortunately, that's exactly why Prince Harry had to be recalled by a cautious and perhaps cowardly british high command. They are no longer worthy of a prince, let alone a warrior prince.

Jay@Soob said...

Hey Peter,
Imagine a Presidents son going into combat...

Not sure I agree the British High Command was cowardly in recalling Harry. Various Taliban elements in Afghanistan had lit upon his presence initially yet failed to locate him due to uncertainty. Once Drudge ascertained his presence (and all that time the Brit media kept their mouths shut despite being embedded with him)there he became a danger to both the men under his command and the mission.